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Assist Personal Activities

NDIS Personal Care Assistance in Melbourne

Quality of life means different things for different individuals. Since the concept is deeply personal, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to disability support services. Such programs must cater to the diverse requirements of people with disabilities. This is why you need personalised support that is developed with you in mind. At Primal Care Services, this is precisely what we do. We offer high-quality NDIS Personal Care Assistance with Personal Activities in Melbourne.

What Are NDIS-Assisted Personal Activities?

People with a disability encounter a host of challenges in day-to-day living. These may vary – some are more comfortable moving in and out of bed on their own, while others may require some assistance and support. To ensure that no individual is left behind, the NDIS offers personal care support for multiple settings.

Whether you live alone, with your family, or share accommodation, the NDIS personal care program handles all your specific needs and goals. From personal hygiene and meal preparation to medication management, travelling for appointments or using aids and appliances, we offer in-depth and holistic support for everyday activities that contribute to a fulfilling life.

How NDIS Personal Care Assistance Works

Under the NDIS Assisted Personal Activities support category, we cover the following tasks that are central to daily living:

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What truly sets us apart as a registered NDIS service provider is our unwavering commitment to quality of life. We achieve this by providing high-quality care. Our support team listens to your needs so that we can customise our support to prioritise your goals. Ultimately, we aim to help you make the most of every day.

Benefits of NDIS Assistance with Personal Activities

The biggest and most obvious benefit of our personal care NDIS support is that you do not have to go through life alone. Our support worker is always right beside you, assisting with various activities and chores. This level of support, in turn, fosters independence and makes your life better in more ways than one. We are the professionals you can turn to when your loved ones require respite from providing care. Moreover, we can take their place, allowing them to live their own lives while you live yours to the fullest.

Why Choose Us for Your Day-to-Day Personal Needs?

As a registered NDIS provider, Primal Care Services is all about creating a comfortable and growth-oriented life for every single participant. We strive to establish meaningful relationships with our clients through NDIS Personal Assistance in Daily Activities. This maximises your independence in the long run and helps you achieve your goals.

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Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), personal activities include daily tasks and chores that present a challenge for individuals with disabilities. These include daily tasks like bathing, meal preparation and dressing as well as assistance with household tasks, mobility, transportation, social and recreational activities, and medication management.

You can receive funding for personal activities under the NDIS by following a simple process. First, check your eligibility, complete the application process and attend the NDIS planning meeting to discuss your needs and goals. Based on this information, the right NDIS plan will be created for you. This will be reviewed and approved by the NDIA.

There are a variety of providers you can contact for support. You can use registered NDIS service providers, residential aged care (RAC) providers, NDIS daily personal activities assistance providers as well as unregistered providers for various daily activities.