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Development Life Skills

NDIS Development Life Skill Assistance in Melbourne

There is no substitute for living life on your terms. For individuals with a disability, this can be very tough. While receiving assistance with daily activities can go a long way, we believe that the biggest difference is made by learning certain skills. These include communication skills, using public transport, making financial decisions, solving problems, or safely using mobility aids.

With this in mind, Primal Care Services provides NDIS Development Life Skills program and support to all eligible participants in Melbourne. Our team of support workers is highly trained and experienced – they take the time to understand your needs and goals. We can fill any skill-related gaps and take your self-confidence to new heights.


What is the NDIS Development Life Skills Program?

The idea behind the NDIS Development of Daily Living and Life Skills program is simple to foster autonomy, self-confidence and the courage to take on new challenges. This is very practical for individuals with a disability. Learning certain life skills can help you build both capacity and character. They also make life a lot more fun. After all, you get to do things your way once you have picked up the right skills. You need not depend on anyone other than NDIS professionals to learn these handy skills. From helping you manage your medication to teaching you how to use assistive technology, our support workers create a nurturing environment that is perfect for developing new skills.

Get High-quality Support with NDIS Improved Daily Living Skills

Our passion for improving the lives of NDIS participants pushes us to make a difference in small but significant ways. Your journey of transformation begins with our Development of Life Skills NDIS support. Our highly trained carers and support workers take the time to understand your specific needs. They create a personalised support plan that prioritises self-development. This can be in the form of mobility and transport skills, communication skills, community participation, and so on.

Our Life Skill Development Support

Since our goal is to nurture independence in a meaningful manner, we encourage participants to express their objectives with as much clarity as possible. This allows us to devise a growth-oriented plan. As such, our NDIS Improved Daily Living Skills program includes the following:

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Why Choose Primal Care Services for NDIS Life Skill Development?

There are several reasons why NDIS participants prefer Primal Care Services. Firstly, we are registered ndis provider focus on building meaningful relationships with every participant. That is why our life skill development program always puts your needs first. Secondly, we teach you various life skills with the empathy, compassion and patience required. This allows us to give you a safe, comfortable space to fall back on, pick yourself up and move towards an independent life.

For more information about our NDIS development of life skills in Melbourne, you can call us on 03 9422 5449 / 0426 032 601 or drop us an email at


Individuals with physical, intellectual, neurological, cognitive, visual, hearing or speech impairments can apply for this category of NDIS support. You should consult the NDIS or your support manager to know more about eligibility.

Developing certain life skills allows you to live a life of dignity and independence. You can take control of activities like maintaining personal hygiene, staying healthy, managing your living space, using public transport or communicating with others, to list a few.

NDIS Life Skill Development works through personalised assessments and plans. It focuses on improving skills like communication, social interaction and self-care. Trained support workers provide hands-on assistance to help individuals with disabilities lead more independent and fulfilling lives.

Life skill development offers numerous benefits to participants. It increases independence, boosts confidence and promotes self-reliance. Individuals also enjoy improved communication and social interaction abilities. Furthermore, it empowers individuals to actively participate in their communities for a more fulfilling and engaged life.