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Registered NDIS Travel and Transport Assistance in Melbourne

Travelling is an important part of everyday life. For instance, going to the supermarket or the local hospital during emergencies is an unavoidable necessity. This is true even for individuals with a disability. However, most infrastructures are not built for their use and cause accessibility issues. This is where a helping hand can make a huge difference.

Primal Care Services provides NDIS Assisted Travel and Transport services to all participants in Melbourne. We have just one goal in mind: to strike the right balance between assistance and empowerment. Our support workers will guide you to your destination, which can be a grocery store, movie theatre, dispensary, or just a walk in the park. They also teach you about public transport and how you can use them. These valuable life skills improve your independence in the long run.

What is NDIS Travel and Transport Assistance?

The NDIS transport service is a support program that ensures safe commuting for NDIS clients. If you are unable to use public transport on your own, this support will help you. The plan is to assist individuals with disabilities in meeting their goals. These can include using public transport, travelling alone or even learning to drive.

Our support workers will travel with you to your destination and ensure the vehicle is comfortable, safe, and equipped with assistive tools. This travel assistance is not only for one-off trips but daily commutes as well. As a result, you gain confidence in navigating the outside world while fulfilling your personal needs in time.

How Do I Access NDIS Transport and Travel Support?

To access NDIS funding for this particular support, you need to meet the eligibility criteria. You can contact the NDIS or come to us to find out if you are eligible. If you have a physical, cognitive or visual impairment, you will be eligible, provided you meet the other criteria like age and citizenship.

If you are an NDIS participant, have a quick chat with your plan manager or support coordinator. They can find out if your funding covers the NDIS disability transport service and the best ways to get it. In case your funding does not include travel and transport, they can help you get the required funding for your plan.

Reliable NDIS Transport and Travel Support at Primal Care Services

Primal Care Services is one of the leading NDIS transport providers in Melbourne. As registered service providers, we bring professionalism, respect, and empathy to the table. We ensure that we understand all your needs before trying to fulfil them. Here’s why our clients love us:

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Make your trips to the grocers or doctor’s appointments hassle-free with our help. We will get you to your destination comfortably and on time. To book our support services or learn about your transport allowance from the NDIS, you can call us on 03 9422 5449 / 0426 032 601 or drop us an email at


Yes, our transport and travel service comes under the NDIS disability support. It is designed for eligible participants who require help with commuting to and from their destinations.

We help you with daily commutes to school or work, weekend trips and getaways, attending meetings or appointments with doctors and leisure trips to shopping centres, libraries or other recreational spaces. Our support workers also assist participants in learning to use public transport and assistive mobility aids.

When choosing an NDIS service provider, make sure that they understand your needs, goals, aspirations and lifestyle. The more committed your support worker, the better assistance you will receive. An attentive carer will help you regain maximum control of your life. For NDIS travel and transport assistance in Melbourne, contact Primal Care Services.

Eligibility for NDIS travel and transport support is determined based on individual needs. Participants who require assistance due to their disability to access community, work, or recreational activities will qualify. It also depends on how the disability affects the individual’s ability to move and travel freely. For a better understanding, you can talk to our support team today and find out if you are eligible.